Chat with your tools to get work done quickly

Based on new AI research from Berkeley, Narada's LLM Compiler routes text and voice commands to the right tools to complete your tasks in real time.

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Highlighting Narada's key features

An AI assistant tailor-made for busy professionals.

The first generative AI assistant that understands how to operate your email, calendar, and other tools you commonly use.

Command on-the-go

Send commands from your mobile messaging app and Narada takes care of the rest.

Automate scheduling

Checks your availability and coordinates meeting invites & links.

Chat with your tools

Chat with your favorite apps to search, retrieve, and post updates.

Getting things done all over the globe!

    • It sounded too good to be true, but within minutes I saw amazing results.

      Account Executive at a Fortune 100 enterprise
    • With Narada, I no longer have to constantly switch between multiple tools.

      Partner at a major financial firm
    • Narada brings the AI to where I am, in my existing workflows.

      Principal at a large investment fund
    • I love how time-consuming tasks are now taken care of with a simple command.

      Sales Rep at a tech firm with a $5M+ quota
    • Narada knows how to generate messages as if I wrote them.

      Business Development Rep at a security startup
    • Narada is like ChatGPT, but on steroids.

      Marketing Executive at a software startup